Have You Considered Yoga?

Yoga may seem like something only the young and most limber can do and benefit from. Let’s cast aside myths and misinformation and perhaps gain flexibility at any age. This article is a great introduction to yoga. Have you tried yoga? Are you willing? This is just a suggestion, but definitely something to think about….


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Keeping Your Mind Sharp

One of the greatest concerns people have as they age is cognitive decline. There may be a number of ways to combat this decline. Please check out this article that explores one route which will not only benefit yourself, but will benefit those who rely on the organizations with whom you volunteer. A  win-win situation.





18 Great Strategies to Prevent Falls in your Home

Falls are among the most common ways that Older Adults are injured each year. This article from the National Council on Aging provides tips for almost every area of your home to help prevent them Please take a look. What tips do you have for others that you do not see in this article? Please share them in the comments. Have a safe day.

From the National Council on Aging