Outreach By, With, and To Older Adults

The O in the SENIORS+ model of ministry is for Outreach. Outreach by individuals and churches to Older Adults and outreach by Older Adults to others is central to making the second half of life vibrant for Older Adults. There is so much wisdom and experience and so many skills and talents that Older Adults have. To share all of this with others can be extremely fulfilling for the Older Adults receiving the love, but also for those sharing these skills and talents.

Whether you have spent your professional or hobby life in areas ranging from financial planning to gardening to model railroading or you are a foodie or are a skilled handyman (or woman) or have any of an endless list of talents you are equipped to join in outreach. If you can make phone calls, write letters, read, or pray, your time and talents can be transformed into gifts to others.

What talents are you ready to share? How can you join in Outreach to Older Adults in your community? Please  comment here. Connect with Winter Grace Senior Ministries. We would like to be connected with you.

This is a link to an article that shares the dangers of isolation and loneliness prevalent in the lives of Older Adults. Regardless of age, we all have talents and gifts to share. Let’s share the gift of time with Older Adults in our communities. Please subscribe to this website to learn about ways to do just this.

20 Facts About Senior Isolation that Will Stun You

Young, Old and Inbetween Together

Four Generations in our family celebrating!

We home schooled our children for all but 2 years of their K-12 experience. It was a season of hard work, but it was also a season of growing together as a family in knowledge, values, closeness, and love. It is an experience that took me by surprise when God convicted my heart that this was the path we were to take. It is also one that I am so thankful we took. Was it easy? Nope. Was it worth it? Most definitely. Many have concerns that home schooled children are not properly socialized. Well, most home schooling parents think this is a ridiculous concern.  Let me share a big positive that shows how home schooled kids are in faaxct socialized and why it is a great thing.  Our kids are out and about doing the regular business of life. They are at the very least watching, but more likely and more often participating in the actions of life. They are learning from and interacting with people of all ages. This is key.

These “sheltered” kids are involved and get to know people across the spectrum of age, from the youngest to the oldest.  Continue reading “Young, Old and Inbetween Together”

Food to Boost Your Memory

You are what you eat. Yes, we have heard this forever. Even though we may not want to admit it, everything we eat does influence our health one way or the other. What we eat can influence our ability to remember? Yesterday, we looked at challenging our brain through new activities. Today, we look at strengthening our brain with excellent nutrient choices. This article is from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Happy eating.

Four Types of Food to Boost Your Memory

Keep Your Mind Sharp By Challenging It

I am working on a geology lab with my daughter today. A geologist, I am not. Identifying rocks is proving to be more challenging than either of us had hoped. I am trying to convince myself that I will be glad I put in the effort, not only today, but hopefully years from now. Hopefully, down the road my brain will function well. I am on a quest to stay brain strong. I saw the ravages of dementia on my dad and now I am witnessing it with my mom. Is dementia inevitable or are there steps we can take to ward it off? I have done some research and one thing that keeps coming up is that it is important to work your brain.

We have all heard with regard to muscles that you use it or lose it. The brain is similar in many ways. I am linking to an article from APS (Association for Psychological Science). I found it to be a good read with some concrete examples of what may help your brain stay strong for years to come. Evidently, the more demanding the challenge the greater the benefit. So bring on the metamorphic and sedimentary rocks and let’s identify some of their constituent minerals. How will you challenge your brain today?

Learning New Skills Keeps an Aging Mind Sharp

You Have a Story to Tell

Everyone has a story to tell. Countless stories actually. An array of stories that all blend together into one unique lifetime. Perhaps you have kept a diary or did when you were a teenager. Perhaps you have taken time throughout the years to put memories to paper or the keyboard. If you have or if you haven’t, you do have a story to tell. The best time to commit these stories to paper or recordings is right now. These stories can be for your family to listen to or for your eyes and ears only as a way to look back with the gained perspective of gained experience. You are not the same person you were when these events took place. Whether you realize it or not, each event, each happening, good or bad, memorable or just a small piece in time, has affected who you are today. Looking back on them now may yield new discoveries or insights that you just couldn’t see when you were in the midst of the moment. Whether you want to pass on the details or glean the lessons learned from a lifetime of experience, recording memories is a treasure that you can share.

Have you ever been handed a box of pictures and have no idea whose faces you see? Continue reading “You Have a Story to Tell”

What are Your New Year’s Resolutions

New Year New Start

Do you adopt resolutions each New Year’s Day? Or have you stopped because it seems they may only last a week or two? This article shares 8 resolutions that can make a great difference in your day to day enjoyment and happiness. For the next 12 months, Winter Grace will be revisiting these resolutions time and time again. We will have specific tips, information, and opportunities to live these out and just perhaps a few more. Everyone, regardless of age will benefit from these suggestions. I am looking forward to it. Are you? What resolutions would you add to this list? Please share.

1.Exercise 10 minutes everyday.

2.Explore new volunteer opportunities.

3.Revive and old friendship. Continue reading “What are Your New Year’s Resolutions”

Keeping Your Mind Sharp

One of the greatest concerns people have as they age is cognitive decline. There may be a number of ways to combat this decline. Please check out this article that explores one route which will not only benefit yourself, but will benefit those who rely on the organizations with whom you volunteer. A  win-win situation.





18 Great Strategies to Prevent Falls in your Home

Falls are among the most common ways that Older Adults are injured each year. This article from the National Council on Aging provides tips for almost every area of your home to help prevent them Please take a look. What tips do you have for others that you do not see in this article? Please share them in the comments. Have a safe day.

From the National Council on Aging