Intergenerational Living: Preschool in a Senior Center???

The first time I heard this concept my thoughts may not have all been positive. I admit it. Then I watched a video and then I read some articles and then it all began to sink in. We spend so much time in our society separating people by age. We grow to be distinct from one another. Instead of appreciating those of different ages, we become suspicious or wary. We succumb to myths. This works both ways. Younger people believe myths about older people and older people believe myths about the younger generation. Surprise, surprise, not all of these myths are positive. Yes, I say that in jest. Most of the myths are in fact negatively held misconceptions. The more time we spend with people of other ages, actively engaged in relationship, the more we will come to appreciate others.  Continue reading “Intergenerational Living: Preschool in a Senior Center???”

Young, Old and Inbetween Together

Four Generations in our family celebrating!

We home schooled our children for all but 2 years of their K-12 experience. It was a season of hard work, but it was also a season of growing together as a family in knowledge, values, closeness, and love. It is an experience that took me by surprise when God convicted my heart that this was the path we were to take. It is also one that I am so thankful we took. Was it easy? Nope. Was it worth it? Most definitely. Many have concerns that home schooled children are not properly socialized. Well, most home schooling parents think this is a ridiculous concern.  Let me share a big positive that shows how home schooled kids are in faaxct socialized and why it is a great thing.  Our kids are out and about doing the regular business of life. They are at the very least watching, but more likely and more often participating in the actions of life. They are learning from and interacting with people of all ages. This is key.

These “sheltered” kids are involved and get to know people across the spectrum of age, from the youngest to the oldest.  Continue reading “Young, Old and Inbetween Together”