Creativity VS COVID

There are a lot of ways this COVID-19 pandemic and the response to it have changed us. We have changed as individuals and as communities, and as a country. We have also changed in regard to our care and acknowledgement of those who are older and live around us.

I am sure you have read, and perhaps even experienced, the heart breaking stories of Older Adults who lived in nursing homes passing away. While that is not terribly unusual, that they have passed separated from family is a terrible new reality that many families have suffered through. Hopefully, at the time these precious people were welcomed into their heavenly home they were not alone completely, but with staff of their facility. But they were not with their loved ones.

Creativity vs COVID
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The second “S” in SENIORS+ ministry stands for Service. How do you serve others? How can you become engaged?

Service opportunities within the local church and community abound both by older adults and for older adults. Older adults can carry out acts of service from their homes as well in the form of phone calls to other seniors to check in on their well-being and sending cards for celebration and condolences. While these activities take place already, bringing this activity to the fore in churches can help to empower those who otherwise might feel they are unable to contribute to the community of faith. These are activities that the homebound can carry out and remain an integral part of the congregation. Older Adult Ministries across the country are moving beyond the doors of their homes and churches to serve in community. For example, Grace Presbyterian Church in Houston, Texas, was instrumental in serving the families who were evacuated to Houston during Hurricane Katrina. Continue reading “Service:”