What Were Your 3 Words This Morning?

I asked my friends on Facebook this morning what 3 words would have described them and their state of mind when they first woke up this morning. There are no responses yet. I asked because if I had to answer this morning, they wouldn’t have been words that I would like to share. They were not necessarily sunshine and happiness, the picture we frequently like to give to the outside world through social media.

We live in a time when some of us, me included, share a lot with the outside world. Perhaps we overshare. Perhaps we share thoughts best kept to ourselves or in a discussion with a close friend or even more, in prayer. Words between us and Jesus.

What words do you think the Older Adults among us would share as their first words when they wake up? I would imagine the range of thoughts and feelings from our more experienced friends are as wide ranging as they are for anyone. Are those words more hopeful? More thoughtful? More wise? More words of woe or words of gratitude and expectancy?

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The Fall Fair is Complete. What’s Next?

First a great big thank you to everyone who visited our Fall 2020 Virtual 50+ Resource Fair. We hope you feel more informed, enjoyed meeting the Authors, had you questions answered by our “Ask the Expert” Panels, and found new Community Resources who will be there for you and your beloved Older Adults when you need them.

Visit our Author Conversations, the Panels, and the Community Resource Center.

Please download the:

The Fall 2020 Fair may be over but Winter Grace Senior Ministries will continue to connect you to the Resources you need.

What’s Next?

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Fall 2020 Virtual 50+ Resource Fair

The Fall 2020 Fair has ended. Please continue to visit our Community Resource Center and our “Ask the Expert” Panels

Please download our Directory & Program for the Fair. It contains the contact info for all 39 Community Resources & More.

Visit the Fall 2020 50+ Resource Fair!

Please join us and 30+ Vendors, 2 Internationally Recognized Authors, Live “Ask the Expert” Panels and Workshops, Games, & More. October 1st to October 15th, 2020.

The Fair is FREE and open to all.

To Receive Links to the Live Events, Updates, Workshop Handouts, Contact Directory, and more, please register. Materials will be sent by September 28th.

50+ Fair Website Opens October 1, 2020!

Resource Partner Center Update

Our Resource Partner Center is growing. Winter Grace Senior Ministries is on a mission to empower and enrich the lives of Older Adults. One part of our mission is fulfilled by sharing resources available in the community that can serve Older Adults. As always, we ask you to take the time with anyone you might do business with to make sure it is a good fit for your needs. We cannot and do not take any responsibility for any relationship you develop with any of these resources or any outcome when engaging their services. Yes, I have to say that and it is sincere. We do our best, but ask that you do your due diligence.

Please visit our Partner Resource Center. There are wonderful people behind each of these logos. If you are in need of other services, please contact us at: debbie@wintergrace.org or 443-832-3805. We wish to serve you.

We ask you to please visit our articles and subscribe to our mailing list. We have programs in the works. Coming soon is our : “Life of Christ Through Art” It was to be our first Older Adult Vacation Bible School offering, but it is being reworked for an on-line, interactive event! We are looking forward to sharing this program and many more!

June is Alzheimer’s & Brain Awareness Month

When you think of June you may think of a lot of things, but Alzheimer’s and Brain Health may not be on the top of your mind. Personally June is a big month. We celebrate our wedding anniversary on the 26th. (32 years this year) We also celebrate our son’s birthday and my birthday too. Summer weather arrives. Roses are blooming. (They are my favorite, especially pink ones.) Summer vacation, well who knows this year.

But it is also an important month in terms of awareness topics. June is Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month. Brain health is a very important topic to me, and I would venture a guess, for you as well. But it may not be something we give a lot of thought to, until we or a loved one starts to experience cognitive issues. Then it might be all we think about.

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As We Move to the Next Season

Winter Grace Senior Ministries, Inc. just completed our first Virtual 50+ Resource Fair. We had 26 service providers from a variety of fields: all experts and all serving Older Adults and their families with expertise and passion! Thank you!

The Fair had over 3,000 page views. To me that means a couple of things. Not only are we on to something with this format, but, thankfully, we are finding new ways to live out our mission:

“Empower and Enrich the Lives of Older Adults Through Christian Initiatives, Connecting People, Ideas, and Resources”

What’s next? We certainly are not going to take a rest. There is much to be done to serve Older Adults, perhaps more now than ever. We must be creative and take chances. Some ideas will work and others will not, but we must use our time and energy to reach out in ways we haven’t before.

We would love to be face-to-face, person-to-person, but we cannot right now. The goal is to use our God given creativity, gifts, and talents, and package them in a new way. We took our Fair on-line, and we will be doing the same with much of our ministry.

One way is that we will begin Weekly Wednesday Worship at Noon (EDT) on May 27,2020. This will be short time of prayer, Scripture, and devotion. First things first, and that always needs to be Jesus.

Second, we are firing up the YouTube Channel and this site to share interviews, information, and hopefully share a good dose of inspiration and encouragement. We hope you will join us often.

We are opening the Resource Partner Center officially onJune 1st. We will be building an information packed place for Older Adults and those who care for them to visit and inform themselves. We look forward to its growth.

Please stay tuned, check back often to see what is next. If you have just 3 minutes you can watch this video and hear more.

Let’s see what we can do together. It may not look like we had envisioned, but, by the grace of God, we will do our best to continue to serve Older Adults.

Time May Be Money, But Actually, Time Is Priceless

Okay, okay, I am using cliches and that is breaking a rule of writing, right? Well, bear with me for a few minutes. Every once in a while you come across someone discussing what they believe is the meaning of life. They will share what they hold most dear. In this post I am taking my turn and giving it a twist. During the last two and a half months, my top 3 parts of the meaning of life have come together hard! Through the passing of my mom, I see now more clearly than ever what gives my life meaning. I am going to share a small taste of the practical and real examples of why my top 3 are what make up the meaning of life to me.

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Obituary: D. Patricia Elsnic

On December 26, 2019; D. Patricia Elsnic (nee Haas); beloved wife of the late Henry Robert Elsnic; devoted mother of 3, dear grandmother to 6, and great-grandmother to 8. went to be with her Savior. This is the abbreviated form of the obituary. I left out names for the sake of privacy. What you do need to know that this is the beginning of the obituary for my mom.

The day after Christmas started the way most of the first day after Christmas normally starts in our home. It was quiet. It was going to be a day of rest and relaxation, It was going to be a time to play with our new toys if we received any, read a new book, chat, stay in our pajamas, and eat leftovers.

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