Top 10 Aging Myths…. Dispelling Them One By One

Aging MythsEvery culture has had myths. We may be most familiar with Greek and Roman ones. As defined by Merriam-Webster, a myth is “a traditional story, especially one concerning the early history of a people or explaining some natural or social phenomenon, and typically involving supernatural beings or events.” One more thing. myths are not the truth. That is my personal definition. Myths are often misconceptions of reality, what we think, rather than what can be proven true.  Again, my personal definition and accurate when it comes to discussing aging myths.

What are the top 10 Aging Myths:

  • Old = Sick
  • “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.”
  • Too late for changes in lifestyle to make a difference
  • Older adults only take from society and do not contribute
  • Most older adults live in nursing homes
  • Engage in few activities other than watching TV
  • Most older adults are unable to adapt to change
  • Older workers cannot work as efficiently as younger workers
  • Most Older Adults experience significant memory loss
  • Older Adults only want to relax and lead a life of leisure

Let’s look at the first 5 in-depth:  Continue reading “Top 10 Aging Myths…. Dispelling Them One By One”

Preschool in a Senior Center???

The first time I heard this concept my thoughts may not have all been positive. I admit it. Then I watched a video and then I read some articles and then it all began to sink in. We spend so much time in our society separating people by age. We grow to be distinct from one another. Instead of appreciating those of different ages, we become suspicious or wary. We succumb to myths. This works both ways. Younger people believe myths about older people and older people believe myths about the younger generation. Surprise, surprise, not all of these myths are positive. Yes, I say that in jest. Most of the myths are in fact negatively held misconceptions. The more time we spend with people of other ages, actively engaged in relationship, the more we will come to appreciate others.  Continue reading “Preschool in a Senior Center???”

Blood Sugar, Insulin Resistance, and Alzheimer’s Disease

My dad passed away nearly 5 years ago. Parkinson’s with Dementia had ravaged his brain and body for a number of years before that. I wish we had known more years ago. Perhaps it would have helped this brilliant man maintain his cognitive abilities. Prevention of Alzheimer’s and other dementias is a major reason I have cut way back on carbohydrates in my diet. Real food and real nutrition may make a tremendous impact on your brain health.

Please check out this article to learn the why’s of blood sugar, insulin resistance and brain disease.

Preventing Alzheimer’s Disease Is Easier Than You Think

Exercise Variety is the Spice of Fitness


When you think of exercise, do you think weight lifting or running? High Intensity? High Impact? This may come as no surprise to those of you who have been with us for just a short time, but here it is….. There is so much more: so many choices and styles. There is also one more important aspect of exercise for everyone, but especially for the Older Adults among us, either you or your loved ones. There are four areas that need to be attended to: Endurance, Strength, Balance, and Flexibility.

There is good news also: High Intensity and High Impact exercises are not necessary and really are not even best as we age. Personally my basketball playing knees are happy to know this!  Continue reading “Exercise Variety is the Spice of Fitness”

Fear Not, Learning Never Needs to End


The opportunities for learning, regardless of age, are nearly limitless. There are the serious topics necessary for all Older Adults to know about:

  • Legal matters (wills, living wills, advanced directives, powers of attorney, and so many more)
  • Medical
  • Financial
  • Housing
  • Insurance
  • Health Concerns
  • Protection from Scams, Abuse, and Other Crimes (Howard County Police Department has an officer dedicated to presentations to protect Older Adults.  Perhaps your local police department does as well.)

Continue reading “Fear Not, Learning Never Needs to End”

Spirituality and Aging

“Positive spirituality is defined by developing an internalized relationship with the sacred and transcendent world that is not bound by race, ethnicity, economics or class, and promotes the wellness and welfare of the self and others.”[1]

Study after study confirms what many may already  know: spirituality can have a tremendous positive effect on health, wellness, and longevity. Also, as people age there is often a turn to a deeper sense of spirituality. Let’s take this as strong encouragement that spirituality is good for us.

What is spirituality?  Continue reading “Spirituality and Aging”


The second “S” in SENIORS+ ministry stands for Service. How do you serve others? How can you become engaged?

Service opportunities within the local church and community abound both by older adults and for older adults. Older adults can carry out acts of service from their homes as well in the form of phone calls to other seniors to check in on their well-being and sending cards for celebration and condolences. While these activities take place already, bringing this activity to the fore in churches can help to empower those who otherwise might feel they are unable to contribute to the community of faith. These are activities that the homebound can carry out and remain an integral part of the congregation. Older Adult Ministries across the country are moving beyond the doors of their homes and churches to serve in community. For example, Grace Presbyterian Church in Houston, Texas, was instrumental in serving the families who were evacuated to Houston during Hurricane Katrina. Continue reading “Service:”

Recreation 55+

There is more diversity in people 55 and over than in any other age group. Diversity in education, experience, travel, employment, health, mobility, and more cannot be anymore varied. Then you take into account where you live and have lived, with whom you live, ethnicity and religion. When it comes to recreation opportunities and experiences for those over 55 cannot be anymore varied. It also cannot be more important.

Age is just a number, mobility is a daily reality. When you combine traits mentioned above in the countless number of ways possible, the ideas for recreation are endless.

When I think of recreation I think of sports activities, hobbies, and travel! Travel just may be my favorite. What is yours? Here at Winter Grace Senior Ministries we want to make you aware of the myriad of recreational activities available near and far.  Continue reading “Recreation 55+”

Outreach By, With, and To Older Adults

The O in the SENIORS+ model of ministry is for Outreach. Outreach by individuals and churches to Older Adults and outreach by Older Adults to others is central to making the second half of life vibrant for Older Adults. There is so much wisdom and experience and so many skills and talents that Older Adults have. To share all of this with others can be extremely fulfilling for the Older Adults receiving the love, but also for those sharing these skills and talents.

Whether you have spent your professional or hobby life in areas ranging from financial planning to gardening to model railroading or you are a foodie or are a skilled handyman (or woman) or have any of an endless list of talents you are equipped to join in outreach. If you can make phone calls, write letters, read, or pray, your time and talents can be transformed into gifts to others.

What talents are you ready to share? How can you join in Outreach to Older Adults in your community? Please  comment here. Connect with Winter Grace Senior Ministries. We would like to be connected with you.

This is a link to an article that shares the dangers of isolation and loneliness prevalent in the lives of Older Adults. Regardless of age, we all have talents and gifts to share. Let’s share the gift of time with Older Adults in our communities. Please subscribe to this website to learn about ways to do just this.

20 Facts About Senior Isolation that Will Stun You

Young, Old and Inbetween Together

Four Generations in our family celebrating!

We home schooled our children for all but 2 years of their K-12 experience. It was a season of hard work, but it was also a season of growing together as a family in knowledge, values, closeness, and love. It is an experience that took me by surprise when God convicted my heart that this was the path we were to take. It is also one that I am so thankful we took. Was it easy? Nope. Was it worth it? Most definitely. Many have concerns that home schooled children are not properly socialized. Well, most home schooling parents think this is a ridiculous concern.  Let me share a big positive that shows how home schooled kids are in faaxct socialized and why it is a great thing.  Our kids are out and about doing the regular business of life. They are at the very least watching, but more likely and more often participating in the actions of life. They are learning from and interacting with people of all ages. This is key.

These “sheltered” kids are involved and get to know people across the spectrum of age, from the youngest to the oldest.  Continue reading “Young, Old and Inbetween Together”