SENIORS+ is simply an acronym designed to show the holistic nature of the ministry desired by Winter Grace Senior Ministries, Inc. We coordinate with churches and groups of  clients to provide programming in a wide variety of areas. Yes, we are a Christian ministry, but we strive to more beyond the “regular” opportunities you find in a church.

We greatly value Bible study and social activities, but we believe Older Adults deserve to not be limited in their pursuits. At the same time, as stated earlier, we are a Christian ministry and all of our programming is from a desire to serve Jesus by serving Older Adults. Increase Your Spirituality


Education & Enrichment

Nutrition & Wellness


Outreach & Evangelism


Service & Mission

What is the + for? It is for all of those important and fun topics we can’t pigeon hole into one of the SENIORS categories. Older Adults shouldn’t be pigeon holed into the stereotypes we often hear and neither should our ministry to, by, and with them.

As Winter Grace grows we will add links to information and activities in all of these categories. Please send your suggestions to . We would love to have your input.

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