Welcome to Winter Grace Member Churches….. Let’s Partner Together

Our mission is to Enrich and Empower the Lives of Older Adults through Christian Initiatives Connecting People, Ideas, and Resources.

We would love for you to join us. We offer a number of consulting services and can help any size congregation to:

  • evaluate existing Older Adult Ministry offerings,
  • determine the needs and wants of the congregation,
  • develop ministries by, for, and with older adults,
  • assist congregations in reaching the community,
  • implement the SENIORS+ Model of Ministry,
  • connect congregations to one another,
  • connect Older Adults and their families to much needed resources in the community

SENIORS+ Ministry

This model of ministry explores the wide range of life activities that can influence the wellness of Older Adults.

  • Spiritual
  • Enrichment & Education
  • Nutrition & Wellness
  • Intergenerational
  • Outreach & Evangelism
  • Recreation and
  • Service and Missions
  • And so much more!

Programs We Lead For You!

The Opportunities are Endless…

Winter Grace Senior Ministries can provide the following and there is much more in the works:

  • Older Adult Vacation Bible School
  • Lunch and Learn Series
    • SENIORS+ Seminars (6 to 8 sessions)
    • Organizing Important Papers
    • Emergency Binders
    • Non-Financial Pre-Retirement Planning
    • Home Transition Planning and/or Ageing in Place
    • End of Life Discussion/ Funeral Pre-Planning
  • Bible Study and Spiritual Formation
  • Trip Opportunities
  • Game Days

Connecting Older Adults to the Resources They Need:

Our communities are filled with businesses, public entities, non-profit organizations, and churches that have resources to benefit older adults.

However, many older adults are often unaware of the rich resources in our communities. We seek to have answers to the questions that many do not even know that they will have until a crisis arises.

We recognize that aging brings multiple areas of change and that those changes become more individualized as the years pass, which is why we at Winter Grace want to be a resource within the community that can point those in need of services in the right direction.

At Winter Grace Senior Ministries, we know that every person, regardless of age is a precious child of God and we seek to honor the image of God within each person.

We want to partner with you. Please email us at wintergrace@wintergrace.org and let’s see how we can serve Older Adults together.

Rev. Debbie Burgio
President, Winter Grace Senior Ministries

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Visit Winter Grace Senior Ministries to Learn More about Our Holistic, Christian Ministry with and for Older Adults. We would love to work with you individually, with your family, and/or your church family. Our mission is to:

Empower and Enrich the Lives of Older Adults Through Christian Initiatives, Connecting People, Ideas, and Resources.

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