The Creativity of God Through Us and In Us

I am amazed at the gift of creativity God has given people. God is the author of creativity. He has created each of us in His image, yet every person looks different. Some identical twins I have seen challenge that last thought. But the incredible variety of nearly 8 billion people today, not to mention all people over time is unfathomable. The variety of humans is not limited to our appearances or even our temperaments. We are each unique in how we have lived. Our families we are born into may be amazing or not, wealthy or not, whole or not, studious or outdoorsy, adventurous or tame, religious or secular, healthy or unhealthy, kind or rude, violent or peaceful, loving or distant or worse. likely they are a combination of all of these. Have we traveled or never even left our hometown? Are we educated a little or highly? Are we differently abled? Do we live in a rural, suburban, or urban setting or in a lush rain forest or endless parched desert setting? The creativity of the Creator is endless and amazing.

Not only are we so different in all these ways, but our interests, gifts, and talents and the combination of these lead to further individuality. Values and beliefs further make us individuals. There are endless permutations of all these traits and experiences. The Creator is truly remarkable. And even more remarkable is that He knows and loves each one of us. We are all unique and all precious to God. Then we come together with another, if we are so fortunate, to combine our unique amazingness with another to have children who are amazing expressions of the uniqueness of the Father.

We are given freedom in Christ to be the fullest expression of who we have been created to be. We have also been given, by God, how we are supposed to live out our lives in His Word. We also have been given endless ways to express our individual creativity. Some love to write, some to sing, some to dance, some to paint or sculpt or draw, to run, to hike, or to do so many other things. Some love to work with their hands, others work mostly from the left side of their brain. We are given the gift of laughter and of tears.

If we are blessed, we meet others who bring out our smiles and laughter and those who hold us close when we cry. We meet those who will sit with us in silence when that is exactly what we need. This is all by the grace of God.

I believe our God-given purpose is reflected in the unique, one in 105 billion people ever to live, a combination of all of the factors listed and countless others. I believe each of us is created for a purpose by God, to be in relationship with God, and to bring God glory. We come into and leave this world at the precise time God has created us for. If we live our lives out as He has called us to, we uniquely, in only the way that we can, carry out our God-appointed purpose. Do we fail? Yes, repeatedly. Do we fall short? Yes, all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23). But each of us is created for such a time as this. We may feel small and unworthy. However, we, you and I, each of us, are created by God for His good purposes. It is only by God’s grace we can fulfill what He has set for us. We do live in a fallen world where sin, sickness, darkness, and evil exist. However, each day, each moment we can turn away from the brokenness to God. He is always ready and eager to receive us. He made each of us precisely us for His purpose. We may go for long stretches of time in between believing this if we ever fully do. The actual bottom line, from what I believe, is that all this individuality for the glory of God is not about us. It is about God and the gifts that God has given us to live a life that glorifies Him and, hopefully, points others toward Him for them to come to know Jesus as Lord and Savior. Then we have accomplished our God-appointed purpose through being fearfully and wonderfully made by a loving, amazingly creative God.

Have a great day.

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