Older Adults and Their Amazing Diversity

Diversity is a current cultural buzz word. Diversity is the result of a vast variety of characteristics and experiences. We may think of race or religion, but there are also dozens more.

How many ways can you think of that you are different from someone else?

Where do you live? How many times have you moved? Was if far from one place to another?

How much schooling have you had? 8th grade, High School, College, Masters, PhD’s?

Next consider your health? Are you in fabulous shape? Or do you hurt everywhere? How active are you?

Finances? Are you flush with cash and/or investments or are you not sure how the rent or next grocery bill is going to be paid?

Do you travel? Or do you stay close to home? Where? For how long? How often?

Do you have a big family and close friends, a small, special group, or are you on your own?

Are you part of a faith community and have belief in a higher power? Or are you not so sure? Or are you certain God doesn’t exist? Then within these categories there is such a wide range of beliefs. What are yours?

What is your first language? Is it your only one?

What are your favorite foods or ways to cook them? Do you cook? Are you able eat everything or do you have specific do’s and don’ts? Do you request organic or does that not matter?Diversity

What are your opinions on art, music, movies, books?

These are just a set of starter questions with the goal of pointing out how diverse people are. We haven’t even hit the hot button issues of the day.

Age: The Biggest Impact on Diversity?

One big question not yet mentioned is how old are you? Even more importantly:  How old do you feel? Is there a difference between your chronological and physical age?

When you lump all of these questions together and look at the variety of the answers available, then we can begin to see the real picture of diversity in the population, particularly those over 65. Those over 65 have had the longest opportunity to have different life experiences. It is not difficult to argue that those over 65 are the most diverse population there is.

Are you in this age group? Do you have loved ones in this age group?

If you are, then you know there are so many more avenues of variety that need to be explored. Are you near family? How often do you see them? What about getting out and about? Are you still riding a motorcycle or are you going to need to give up driving soon or already have? Where do you live? How long will you live there? Then what? What about the practical matters of finances, nutrition, insurance, legal matters, and so much more? Does you place of worship assist you in addressing these areas? If not, where do you turn for support in all of these areas?Diversity

Where do you Find Answers?

Do you find your answers from family and friends, magazines, commercials, on-line resources, or professionals in various fields? Hopefully, one of your best resources will be Winter Grace Senior Ministries, Inc. Please share your questions and biggest areas of concern in the comments. Also please subscribe to be sure to receive the up to date information you want and need.

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