Mission Trips Are Not Just for Teenagers

Older Adult Mission Trips

If you hear that someone is going on a mission trip, do you automatically envision a group of teenagers hitting the road? I do. Well, at least I did. Oh dear, have I fallen prey to one of those myths about aging? Yes, indeed I had.

As it turns out there are a number of organizations around world that arrange a myriad of mission projects for people over 50. When we sit back and think about it, we can see how diverse the population over 50 really is. We range between living one’s whole life in one town and rarely, if ever traveling to moving often and traveling widely or perhaps we have a limited education or we may hold a number of degrees, and our mobility falls in wide range anywhere from go-go, slow-go, to no-go. The variation in people over 50 is astonishing. What this means is that whether you are 50 or 85, or anywhere in between you may be ready to travel on mission. And there are organizations out there that can make it happen.

Listed here are a few organizations that have opportunities for Adults over 50.  Check them out and see the world on purpose.*


Projects Abroad

Volunteer Forever

World Servants 

We would love to hear about your mission experiences. Please share in the comments. Write a guest post for us to inspire all of us.

*Winter Grace Senior Ministries, Inc. has not engaged in mission trips with any of these organizations. This list is provided as food for thought.

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