Try Social Interaction: One Activity, Multiple Benefits:

How important are the benefits of social interaction? Could just one activity help you live longer, enjoy better physical and mental health, and lower your risk of dementia? According to this article in Psychology Today all of these are possible from engaging in social activity. Wow! Let’s get out and see the people. if you can’t get out today, take advantage of positive social media and engage on-line. Have a great day. 🙂 Even better reach out to someone you know who isn’t able to get out. Give them a call or stop by for a visit. You both will benefit.
Benefits of Social Interaction
Who are you engaging with today?
Too often  we think that improving our health has to be hard. We think about eating more vegetables and less sugar. We might think about fitting in 30-45 minutes of exercise everyday. Stress reduction and sleeping more, and, and, and. By the time we think of trying to accomplish all of that, we are exhausted. But how great is it that getting out and being with people can reap such huge rewards without the stress of thinking about all of those other important ways to get healthier?
Truthfully, it may be easier to do most of those other healthful activities if we spend some time focusing on this one solution. Meals shared with others, walks shared with others, and conversation shared with others all lead to improved health. It starts with that interaction.

No Better Time than the Present for Social Interaction!

Since Spring has finally sprung around here, let’s celebrate! Well, for the most part. We shouldn’t have to worry about ice on the roads or on the sidewalks. What a great time to be outside and enjoy the sunshine and a conversation with a neighbor.
Social interaction is still possible even if you are still mired in the cold of winter, reach out to others. Pick up the phone. Call a friend you saw last week or one you haven’t heard from in years. Reach out. It will do you and your friend a lot of good. Getting healthier can be fun and it doesn’t have to be hard.
Just in case you want to try one of those other mains ways of improving your health, check out this post about the benefits of sleep and how to improve yours.
Who are you reaching out to today? Let us hear about what you are doing to improve your health in a fun way with others?
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