Quality Sleep, Precious Sleep: Yes, Quality Matters

Importance of quality sleep

I love my children, but 2 in 16 months does not equal quality sleep, or quantity either.  They do have a lot in common, but when it comes to sleep, well…. Let’s just say one has always known the value of a good night of sleep and the other hasn’t ever really been a fan. Personally, I love sleep. When you are little you may have looked at having to take a nap as a punishment. Along with read a book and take a bath, having to take a nap was not fun. Now, those three would make a perfect afternoon.

If you want to improve your learning and memory, metabolism and weight, safety, mood, cardiovascular health, and boost your immune system, you may want to consider making a concerted effort to improve your sleep.

The article Sleep, Learning, and Memory teaches us learning and memory are thought of in 3 functions: acquisition, consolidation, and recall. You do not make memories or actively recall them while you sleep, but memory consolidation appears to take place during sleep. One way to improve memory is to sleep well.

There many factors that contribute to memory. Please check out Blood Sugar, Insulin Resistance and Alzheimer’s Disease for more information.  Science has shown that good health habits include stress reduction, appropriate hydration, excellent nutrition, and quality sleep impact health in a variety of ways. Memory is no exception.

Please share how you have more Quality Sleep….

Friends, please share your experiences about how you feel and your memory changes with the quality and quantity of your sleep. Please share your tips too!

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