Spirituality: Feeding Your Joy

Spirituality, Joy, and Sewing? Really? I have a love/hate relationship with sewing. Really, it is more of a love/love/love/love/hate, the 80/20 rule. Back in high school my best friend tried to teach me to sew. She sewed a lot of her clothes back then and figured I needed to learn. Well, that was a total fail. I made more mistakes than right moves. We never finished and I figured my sewing days were over.


A few years later I tried again. I bought my first sewing machine in 1987. Many mistakes later, I actually started to get the hang of it. My grandmother was a master seamstress, from a family of tailors. I can’t imagine ever aspiring to that level, but I do love to sew. Really, I love to piece quilts. That began in 1989. The wife of a Navy friend of my husband’s said she was going to make her husband a quilt. I was intrigued. The rest they say is history. It will be 30 years this fall since I started quilting, but that 80-20, love-hate relationship continues.

Finding My Joy in Tote Bags

I just started learning how to make tote bags. Perfect Christmas gift, right? Um, maybe the third one was easier, but the first? Oh my! I made more mistakes than I can count. Right now I have three under construction. I had to walk away so I wouldn’t drive myself crazy. Maybe I am getting older, since I am not as discouraged that my first attempt isn’t Pinterest perfect. Mellowing? Maybe. I am excited by trying new projects, learning new skills, making people feel loved when I make a gift for them.


Sewing does feed my joy. It feeds my joy to use talents to give gifts to others. This Christmas I was able gift quilts to my four great-nephews. Many times I have sat at my sewing machine feeding the pieces through. The motion is relaxing to me. That is when it is going well. I can spend long, soothing times in front of the machine. Creating things, especially items to give to others feeds my joy.

Oh, and sewing a great way to procrastinate. In January of 2019, I had a huge oral board. It was a major step in my ordination process. I needed to be reviewing and studying. But, if I wasn’t ready at this point, I was not going to be ready. So, I sat at the machine (I will get back to it after I am done writing, another thing I love to do), created, thought, and prayed.

Finding a hobby you love is a great way to feed your joy! What do you do to feed yours? Discover it! Dive in and enjoy!

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