Your Wellness Wheel: How Smooth is Your Ride?

When you are driving down the road, gripping the wheel and holding it slightly to the right or left just to go straight, you know you have an issue. You need an alignment. Not only will it make your drive a lot more relaxing, it will reduce the uneven wear on your tires, preserving their usefulness and your safety. Your wellness wheel brings a whole new meaning to a smooth ride.

Life  Wheel

Similarly, if you are driving on poorly inflated tires or they have a deformity of some sort, the ride is rough and it is bad for your vehicle.

How are you riding in your life? Are the vital parts of life in-balance or out-of-whack? Or are there issues in one or two areas you just don’t want to deal with or maybe you just aren’t seeing them.

Today, is your lucky day. You are going to have a chance for a life balance tune-up. We are going to take a high level view. I am not going to make you do a deep dive yet, but let’s take a survey. If you do this exercise, I can almost promise your eyes will be opened to where you need to spend a little time. That small amount of dedicated time can lead to a good pay-off in your life balance.

You can download, print out and take this short assessment.

Wellness Wheel

Do not stress over this exercise. However, spend no more than 5 minutes. Go with your gut on how you feel about each category. Not sure what they mean? That’s okay too. You know in your heart if the area of Fun & Recreation fulfills you or not. You know if you are prepared well in the area of Finances and Legal documents.

What is the Next Step with Your Wellness Wheel?

Suppose through this exercise you find that you’re doing great in the area of relationships, but your personal growth isn’t where you would like it? What do you do next? Or you are exceeding in the norms in your physical health, but feel you are in need of spiritual growth or you do not even know what spirituality even is?

First, breathe.

Second, make sure you are not playing the game of comparing yourself to others. If you feel a need to compare, only compare yourself to where you were yesterday. No other comparisons are needed or wise. However, realizing that there may be an area or two that lead you to a wobbly wheel or an uncomfortable ride puts you miles ahead of yesterday (and every other person that hasn’t bothered to sit back and do some self evaluation). Okay, I know I said to not compare yourself with anyone else, but most likely you were already. Now that we have that out of the way, let’s move on.

Third, pick an area that you see some need for growth. If you must pick two right now, go ahead. No more than two or you may start to feel some overwhelm.

Fourth, follow us as we explore each topic on this wheel. This is what Winter Grace is about. Living holistically, addressing these areas, and making the most of each of them.

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Tell Us What You Want to Read More

Soon, we will be back with more Wellness Wheels which will explore each wedge of this one in much more detail, with suggestions on how to boost your satisfaction in each area. Meanwhile, please subscribe so you do not miss a wheel or any of our other articles.

Winter Grace Senior Ministries wants to bring you the information you need to balance your Wellness Wheel and support you on a smooth ride. Finally, please tell us how we can best serve you and the Older Adults in your life.

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