Exercise Variety is the Spice of Fitness


When you think of exercise, do you think weight lifting or running? High Intensity? High Impact? This may come as no surprise to those of you who have been with us for just a short time, but here it is….. There is so much more: so many choices and styles. There is also one more important aspect of exercise for everyone, but especially for the Older Adults among us, either you or your loved ones. There are four areas that need to be attended to: Endurance, Strength, Balance, and Flexibility.

There is good news also: High Intensity and High Impact exercises are not necessary and really are not even best as we age. Personally my basketball playing knees are happy to know this! 


What is best? Here is the link to the National Institute on Aging at NIH with a myriad of choices, suggestions, and ideas. Choose what best fits your lifestyle and interest.  One of the suggestions is Pickle Ball. What is that? It is a paddle and ball sport that combines elements of tennis, badminton, and ping pong. There is a league in our area. Pickleball Howard County There is a national association too. Check out their website to see if there is a league in your area. I think I am going to check out our local one. Looks like a lot of fun. I will share pictures from the court! USAPA


Now for those suggestions from NIH (National Institutes of Health) 4 Types of Exercise

Please share your favorite ways of maintaining and improving your Endurance, Strength, Balance, and Flexibility in the comments. Have a strong day!

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