Intergenerational Living: Preschool in a Senior Center???

The first time I heard this concept my thoughts may not have all been positive. I admit it. Then I watched a video and then I read some articles and then it all began to sink in. We spend so much time in our society separating people by age. We grow to be distinct from one another. Instead of appreciating those of different ages, we become suspicious or wary. We succumb to myths. This works both ways. Younger people believe myths about older people and older people believe myths about the younger generation. Surprise, surprise, not all of these myths are positive. Yes, I say that in jest. Most of the myths are in fact negatively held misconceptions. The more time we spend with people of other ages, actively engaged in relationship, the more we will come to appreciate others. The concept of preschool in senior centers opens opportunities for play for our seniors. And it helps young children be comfortable with older adults. If they do not have their own grandparents or live far from them, this is an excellent way of developing love, understanding, and respect for the older set. This is one kind of precious relationship building that benefits both groups.

This is one way for people to be brought together. But there are others and this isn’t just for the youngest and oldest among us.

Please enjoy this article about bringing Preschool to the Senior Center: The Preschool Inside the Senior Center

Tomorrow we will look at the myths of old age and start working to open eyes to the reality of aging.

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